4 Character types…..

Today, we visited church service and heard an inspiring sermon by Dieter Schmidt a pastor and doctor for Asian medicine. He acted out four different types of human characters in a very exaggerated way to demonstrate them clearly.

Type 1: The one who always is in the center of happening, jumping from one topic to the other and talks about everything except of what you really want to know. He is the subject of your conversation. Often these people have a red face and a dark tip of the tongue. Advice: don’t even start a new topic. He’ll definitely have something to say.

Type 2: The one who is always sick or affected by everything that happens around him. Often with skin diseases (rash) or lung problems caused by his crouched posture. A follower who does what other people want him to do. The person who sits in the 2nd row and is more of an observer.

Type 3: The controlling guy who has a tight schedule and gets angry and upset very easily when things go wrong. He might shout all of a sudden and has a short temper. This type is influenced by the liver.

Type 4: The one who knows everything better than you do. His life is structured through and through, is very neat and has got everything in order. Don’t even try to argue because he’ll be right. It happens that these people are effected by their kidneys.
[no guarantee for correctness, sorry if it sounds a bit too negative]

→ We laughed so much since we could find each of us resembling at least one of these characters. The good thing is that every character has also its strong points. The purpose was to understand others and find our original mind – very interesting!

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