We completed our recordings!!

img_1536Yay!! We finally made it! After one week of intensive band practice and despite of the miss of our band member Victor, who (still) lies in hospital due to a severe disease, we managed to finish our CD with 8 songs in total! All original as well! We’re really happy about the victory over such a difficult path and we thank the Wakayama family, especially Heidi, who supported us throughout the whole time. Whether it is by giving us some guidance, driving or cooking. THANK YOU very much! 

Thank you Taka! You added such a nice bass and we’re grateful that you are such a good guy :3

And last but not least, Thank you Frank!! Always ready to do everything for us and so supportive! I think he is the most patient person I ever met! We are always happy to come back!

Hope to be able to upload the CD cover and add the link to our new songs soon!
If you see any opportunity where we can support you through our music please let us know! Maybe we can play for you some day 🙂img_1563

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