…and there was music!

Kazuha on the piano (Kazuha)

We took a week after the Ghana Project from the 24.04. – 04.05.09 to re-focus on our musical development. We set ourselves a high goal to write FIVE new songs during this workshop!! On our first full day Victor (team leader) didn’t feel well and had to be driven to hospital. We were expecting to see him on the next morning but then the shocking news – Meningitis, Victor had to stay in hospital for around 7-10 days!! That’s exactly during our band WS and the recordings! Everyone was desperate and we were almost considering canceling the recordings which were planned for after the band WS. How are we supposed to write 5 songs – now without Victor?!

BUT we managed to change the difficulty into a challenge and a challenge into a victory! Now that our team leader was gone everybody pushed themselves and took responsibility in that situation and tried to create some songs out of their own initiative (even though many of us didn’t feel confident enough). On the next day we all used most of the time to work on our own ideas. In the end Alex could create his first ever written song, Hanae wrote a Lullaby for her niece and I initiated another 2 songs. During the week we visited Victor in hospital and that’s when we recorded his ideas of two songs to work on them on the last two days.

The band WS was quite intense, music 24/7. We started the day at 7am, music at 9am until lunch, from lunch to dinner the second practice session and until 10 or 11pm the last session. We either used the time for individual practice and creation or came together and worked on songs together. By the end of the week we managed to write six new songs. Five of them we recorded on the weekend after in a recording studio!!
Alex and Taka
Recording is a whole different story! We were put under quite a tight schedule – five songs in two days. That sometimes made our drummer play faster than planed 😉 Discussing and arguing about many things made us tense up a bit sometimes. Stressful times make the character boil up easily but there came a personal realization: Creating and working on music together challenges and makes your character grow so much more than just living together! In the end it’s all about how much you can accept and love the other person! But throughout the whole time everybody tried his/her best to work together and pull on the same string.

By the end of the weekend we somehow managed to record all the songs and were happy to hold the (almost) completed CD in our hands! The new songs are:

1) Time to move, 2) Lament sunrise, 3) Pick your favorite, 4) Change direction, 5) Meet me by tomorrow. They can be listened to on www.myspace.com/mysicband

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