YSI Band plays for UN “International Day of Families” in The Hague


After a week of band practice and recordings we were ready for the next step: performing our new original songs!

It took us three cars, fully packed with all the equipment, to go to The Hague to set up in a relatively modern church to support the “International Day of Families” initiated by the UPF (Universal Peace Federation) and FFWPU (Family Federation for World Peace). As we entered the church hall the echo kept challenging our sound check immensely. But thanks to our YSI director, Jonathan van der Stok, who had quite a few experiences with sound engineering, we could make the best out of it. The sound was fantastic!

After taking some time to getting used to the size of the room and calming down our emotions from some critical comments concerning the volume and style of our music, we were ready for the evening!

We opened the evening with “Meet me by tomorrow”. Pastors and representatives from different religions and organisations gave presentations and thoughts on family and the role of the mother. After the break we played “Audiocation” and “Dream of Gold” followed by some more talks. We closed the programme with “Yellow” (by Coldplay) and “(Change) Direction”. By the time we presented the last song we felt so comfortable with the audience that everybody started dancing and clapping. What a wonderful way to celebrate the day of families!

Even though many seats were empty, the atmosphere was warm and familiar. Everyone enjoyed our music. We felt we could invite to the emotions of the songs. Pictures of the event can be seen here.

Thanks to the people who made this possible and encouraged us, we felt relieved and happy. Heidi Wakayama helped us breaking free from our shells and Takanari Wakayama, substituting Victor on the bass guitar, did a really good job. And all the people who were simply smiling, nodding or feeling inspired by us uplifted the spirit in the beautiful church.
What a nice premier!


150509almere&denhaag+101 150509almere&denhaag+072 IMG_1615


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