Highlands Festival

“Het lekkerste Blues & Rock Festival”


On May 16th our team had the great opportunity to help support the Highlands Festival in Amersfoort, Holland. We were contacted through another volunteer contact the previous YSI year had been working with. It was the first time that a Highlands Festival was organized, so basically they were looking for a lot of staff and volunteers to help support this great event. The theme of the festival was BLUES and ROCK. It was an open air festival where eight great bands, Sonny Landreth, Jethro Tull, Buddy Guy, Mick Taylor, Ilene Barnes, Eddy Clearwater, Aynsley Lister, Ian Parker and The Juke Joints, performed.

Our job, as volunteers, was to help backstage, which included cleaning the rooms of the artists, refilling the fridges with drinks and snacks, help carrying equipment and all sort of little things, which needed to be done on the spot. All in all it wasn’t too busy, but when there was work to do we did our best to be quick and efficient, just as they expected us to be. Since it was the first time ever this kind of event was organized, and in order for future festivals to be successful, they needed to make a good impression on the visitors and sponsors. So as YSI we tried our best to help in every way we could.

Since we are all musicians, we were more than happy to have had this great opportunity to even go backstage and meet the stars and artists.
The highlight of the day was BUDDY GUY, who everyone desperately was waiting for. He is one of the best blues guitarist player and inspired back in the days Jimmy Hendrix and Eric Clapton with his music. Buddy Guy performed last, one hour before midnight, and made the old crowd become young again. YSI’ s personal highlight was to meet them right after their performance backstage. “Come lets have a drink together,” said Marty the keyboarder of Buddy Guy. They were also inspired through us spending a year in Holland doing service work and on top of that all coming from different countries. We were welcomed with such a big heart.
I never thought these big stars would be so relaxed and chilled out…

IMG_1696 IMG_1713 IMG_1651 IMG_1698

Altogether it was an amazing event and it definitely inspired us as YSI music team. We all felt accomplished after we finished our, in total 9 hour, shift. We received so much more than we could actually give!

More pictures of the event here!

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