whole again :)

Finally our team is complete again! Victor came back to Holland from his long suffering of Meningitis and is back in action! We prepared a small welcome party with a banner and brownies and talked until late night to update each other on recent events. Look how happy everyone is! (… now we all look smaller again)
IMG_1727 IMG_1719


It feels good to be home again in Utrecht.

This week was great. I played football with kids, put wall paper on a wall, did gardening outside a Christian school, had a gig in a small bar and much more.

Kazuha said yesterday that even though it is three months left of this YSI year she is starting to feel nostalgic. I feel similar. Can’t believe we have been together for 7 months already. Never thought I would say this, but I think I am going to miss these guys allot 😉 I have so many pictures in my head of us together laughing hysterically about something really random.

I want to make these last months memorable. Not only funny moments, but also moments when we did some good service work for this humble city of Utrecht.

Great to be back.

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