The secret…


This weekend was another one of these packed and stressful ones… tiring but satisfying. On Friday we performed in Amsterdam at a Ghanaian Cooking Event. It was also the first time we tried out our newly invested light system!! That meant for us more luggage to transport and more time for set ups. Luckily we had an extra trailer to load all our equipment!!


In the same night we drove until 3:30 am in the morning to Germany to play for an entertainment on Pentecost. Leaking tires and the trailer made the late journey even longer…

And to keep moving we went through the whole procedure again! Setting up all the sound and light equipment, sound check, performance and packing everything back onto a trailer with a perforated cover (it actually began to rain a few minutes later which forced us to squeeze a 2nd cover under the already tightly rapped straps.

I must admit that I was quite agitated after such a weekend especially since some of our songs during the performance didn’t work out as planned (the audience probably didn’t even mind) and some emotional breakdowns after some conflicting situations in the team and exhausting oneself were almost inevitable. 

But I never thought I would find my way out of this ‘down’ on this unexpected journey… My mom asked us to give a small surprise performance on a birthday party of one of her school colleagues. It was quite spontaneous which required some practice in the early morning before leaving the house. You wouldn’t want to see us practicing “The lion sleeps tonight” in our acapella version… the spirit was pretty low. But once we arrived at the café and started singing “happy birthday” all the teachers beamed with happiness, couldn’t stop thanking us and even invited us to join them for breakfast. It gave us so much energy that we completely forgot being in a bad mood. It was an amazing experience! The atmosphere in the team changed completely compared to 10 minutes before the big surprise. Thinking about what made the team members lighten up so much is in the end very simple and I’m going to share this secret with you: It’s the power of giving first J Then you will receive back automatically! 


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