Update Please?


Hello everybody, it’s been about 3 weeks since our last update so I think its necessary that we do just that.

As you know we are the Youth Service Initiative, and since all of our work is volunteer, we’ve been searching for high and low for volunteer opportunities.   The three weeks for me have been productive, overwhelming, joyful, tiring, and many more emotions.  Most of all though, it’s been rewarding in that i’ve been experiencing many things.  Besides our one garden project on the 15th of October, I and the rest of the team have been searching around for team volunteer opportunities, as well as individual spots to offer our help weekly.

Though this program has only been about 5 weeks in total, it’s felt so much longer.  I feel that it’s been a very productive month though.  Only now are things beginning to start so i’m sure more will be posted here.  As of today, i found a weekly spot to volunteer at, and it’s at a hostel.  In the beginning, when i was deciding where i wanted to volunteer, I was looking for something that interested me.  As it turns out, i was interested in hotels and hotel management, not to mention I really like socializing, so this seemed like a perfect opportunity.  As of this Monday i have a meeting with the man in charge of volunteer and it seems as if i’ll be working there.  Now working at a hostel may not seem like i’m doing anything to help anyone, but the way i see it, it’s a cheap hostel made especially for backpackers and foreigners (like Americans) to stay at.  I feel that if a fellow foreigner is there to help them feel at home or comfortable then I’d really be able to offer my services.  In addition to that, more and more opportunities seem to be flying our way so the ball is really rolling.  So from this point on, I expect our schedule to become lots more exciting and busy.  And for our visitors to the blog, I expect many more updates to be read.

So until next time.



Hello again everyone!

We had a nice first month together as a team. A main part of the time was spent making contacts and looking for volunteer opportunities of our interest. Some things I am interested in are nature, swimming, and music so I focused on those. The team helped out at a school with a garden project which was a good experience. We all had a good time doing it and will be going back to finish the job. A possible team project we may have in the future is a breakfast for older people. We made a few visits to a nearby elderly home and got more information about how we could help.

I had the chance to explore a bit more of Utrecht this month and was able to get used to the city a little more. I made a few visits to Vrijwilligerscentrale, which is a volunteer organization. They helped a few of us find some contacts. We also were invited to their event this month call Matchplein. It was basically a meeting with many local voluntary organizations. It was a really good opportunity to meet new people and tell them about YSI. It looks like I will be helping out weekly with a nature program where they maintain parks and do gardening work. It is also possible that I will be helping out with a swimming program once a week for children with handicaps. I look forward to what next month has to come!

Have a nice day- Preston



Hello again,

It’s been a few weeks now and lots of things have changed! The calendar has become very full and I’ve been struggling to schedule a project that the team can be a part of:  helping to cook an English breakfast at an old people’s home.  I’ve already volunteered at a few places since I’ve been here.  So far I’ve had great successful and found the experience to be enjoyable. On Mondays and Wednesdays I work at a Primary school giving sports sessions and on Wednesdays I help out Doenja, and affiliate of YSI’s, with a sports mix program. Tuesdays I help out at a youth group where the kids decide what they want to do. I’m hoping they’ll want to do some projects which benefit the community. Personally I really enjoy sports as they give a lot to those participating such as discipline, fun and team work. It’s also very rewarding to work with children because there full of so much energy. My other weekly volunteer project includes helping prepare a lunch time for the elderly which is scheduled for Thursdays from 10:30 until 1 o’clock. Finally in a week we’ve planned to help clean up and beautify some wooded areas in Utrecht.  This particular opportunity wouldn’t have happened had Preston not been here.  We’re thankful he could find it.  Hopefully I will be able to go there once a week or once every two weeks for a day.

All in all, it’s been going really well so far and I plan to keep you updated sometime in the near future.


One thought on “Update Please?

  1. nice to read that it’s been moving on! I really understand the feeling that it feels much longer than just a month!! time flies by quickly when you’re super productive! 🙂
    hope the others in the team have some similar good experiences!

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