A Thanksgiving to remember


Preston has really got a way with....banners.

Hello everybody, Patrick here.


Well as you know, we have two great Americans in our team, Preston and Zeke, and with them they brought the good old Thankgiving celebration. Thursday the 26th was Thanksgiving and our apartment turned into a 5 star restaurant as the American guys prepared a lovely thankgiving meal for us here at the apartment. They couldn’t get the turkey but chickens were certainly enough. They also gave a little presentation on the origins of thankgiving 400 years ago.

A little tradition they have is to go around the table ‘giving thanks’ for what you are grateful for in your life. Myself am very grateful to be here in Holland and have the opportunity to experience so much with such great people who have now become a family away from home. I think the same can be said by everyone.

To the great American holiday, I say Thank you

To the great new family i have now, I say Thank you

To the amazing city of Utrecht, I say Thank you

To life, and all that comes with it…

…I say Thank you

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