Welcome Back


After a nice 10 day break, we’re back.  Although, seeing as money is scarce, I had an extra 4 days to spend at home.  That being said I’ve got to make up for lost time.  I arrived yesterday and, with glistening smiles and bright eyes, the rest of the team was here waiting for me (sorta).  Only 4 team members were home I lied.   It was nice to be back nonetheless.

I could tell that Santa Claus had visited the Utrecht house because seconds before I could open the door to the house I was welcomed with Emi and Yemi.  That, of course, is no surprise.  I wouldn’t have expected anything less than the energy that both Emi and Yemi offered.  The surprise was what followed.  Rather, I should say, “who” followed.  In the as I entered the living room, I was greeted with a new face.

“who is this?” I asked myself.

“could it be that someone has broken in?”

I’m just lieing.  I didn’t think that at all.  Nor was it a surprise to see a new face.  I knew a week before that I was to expect a new face.  In any case, I was welcomed by a new member of the YSI team: Tanya Selle.   It seems as if she’s right at home.  Of course that is expected when you come to the YSI Utrecht house.  The hospitality of the team is unprecedented.

And so my first day home I was given updates by all, and I updated all.  Following our reintroduction, we all went out as the 2010 YSI participants to celebrate Chris Chandler’s birthday.  It was a jolly old time filled with the “usual” dinner talk, huge personal pizza’s the size of our heads, and some flavored drinks!  Who could ask for more?

For me, the night ended when we got back home.  I’m still adjusting to the time here an Holland.

Not only am I adjusting to the time here, but i’m adjusting to being back.  I should in fact be saying that i’m “readjusting”, but this is a new year and I feel very much that some things need to be changed.  I think suffice it to say I was not pleased with my first half of the year and my hope is that with this new year comes new, exciting, and promising things.

Unfortunately for me, I arrived later than everyone else so I haven’t very much to write about.  My Christmas was dandy and I enjoyed the break.

Hello 2010

3 thoughts on “Welcome Back

  1. Dude you write so formal lol you poop I’m glad your doing well seriusly. Damn I havnt seen you in friggin months . Well I’m doing well I’m in Perth we just got back from wave rock it was mad chill fundraising well it’s good lol it’s fundraising and balls hot it gets to be like 125 degrees we were in esperances hottest record breaking day. So yeah my teams chill and I miss you bro I’m glad your doing well
    With much

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