Ghana Dinner


I thought it might be a good idea to keep you guys up to date since there is a lot happening.

Our Ghana dinner turned out to be a really pleasent evening for all 80 guests and volunteers which we could welcome in the 3-Generation-Center nearby our home. Resto van Harte and their volunteers, supported by Emi and Tanya made wonderful Ghanaian food, Nico, a firend of us from the first week on, got the whole hall to join in his djembe-drumming, Helen from last years YSI (Rotterdam) gave a small presentation about her experiences and impressions of Ghana, Jan Buijze gave a introduction to our Ghana Project and Yemi went from table to table advertising our raffle.

We received several boxes full of African themed items and other art-pieces, as well as some huge masks. Emmaus Domstad, where Preston works, donated it all to us, so that we could sell it at this special evening.

It also was Marian’s last event as head of this Resto van Harte. She even sang a song for everyone. That shows how much she liked it.

This event also got covered in local TV. Check it out:

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