Bevrijdings Festival 2010 – Utrecht

WoW! What a day! Today we joined in the festivities of the Bevrijdings festival in the park just five minutes from where we live.

A few weeks ago we were told that YSI was nominated for the Tolerance Prize 2010. We were one of three final nominees, and during this big festival the winner would be announced. Already to be nominated for such a prize was quite an achievement, and though we didnt win, it was still an exciting experience. A video was shown of each of the three nominees, and the mayor of Utrecht presented the prize of €7000 on stage. The fact that we were nominated gave us back stage passes for the day, where we could mingle with the performing artists, and also meet the mayor of Utrecht, and Job Cohen, the leader of the PvdA political party. We certainly wern’t expecting this when we set off in the morning.

The events of the day continued into the night, and it was a great time.

Thank You Utrecht!!

Picture with the mayor, and leader of the PvdA

The Big screen showing the video for the Tolerance prize

Our turn

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