Art On Auriollaan – Day 2 and 3

The last two days of our project were very successful. We got handprints from every block on our street and the result is quite impressive. For the 2nd and third day we started going to each block and holding the project at the lobby area of each block. This made it alot easier for people to come, and alot more people were involved. We also had a group of volunteers helping us on our last day. They helped alot with translations as we can’t speak Dutch.

Moving onto the next apartment.

Our set-up at the bottom of a block.

We had students, children and elder people participating.

YSI - Utrecht with a group of volunteers.

Soon we will add a picture of the whole piece together, but now i can add the result of the 2nd day. Enjoy!

The result after the 2nd day.

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