Cooking Creates Community

On the 1st and 8th of June, I held my personal project with 13 Moroccan women at the local schools of Hart van Noord. The purpose was to create a community of women who realize their influence as mothers and who can be parentally involved with their children in school.

I enjoyed cooking!

We got together on these two days for a session of cooking first Chinese “loempias” (spring rolls) and then a Pennsylvania-dutch cake. This created an atmosphere of working together, fellowship and relaxation for the busy  mothers. A discussion followed the warm morsels which focused on parental involvement with their children in school and also on how to cook healthily for them. There were guests who spoke on the subject and who came to interact with the women and inspire them. The discussions were very lively ones and I was very happy with the interaction and open give and take between the women and the speakers.

In the end I gave out small symbolic gifts of teabag holders and a message of thanks to the women for their participation and contribution.

Communication with the Moroccan mothers was difficult because of the language, but I could  still feel their warmth of heart through their candidness and exuberance. They are such beautiful people–a kind that I have never met before. I made a connection with one of the ladies and was invited to her home for a traditional Moroccan meal and for meeting her family. This was a highlight for me because of the more personal experience that I could share with at least one of the participants through feeling a part of her family for that one evening.

I’m thankful to Hart van Noord that I could work with them to create this project; thankful to all the people who were willing to give a lot of their own time and effort for the success of this project, and most of all I’m grateful that the women themselves could have this special experience as a community of mothers.

Preparation of Loempias

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