New Year. New Team. YSI 011

This is us

Goede dag, leuk je te ontmoeten! / Hello, nice to meet you!

Dank u well / Thank you Utrecht and Kanaleneiland for this wonderful start to these 7 months of YSI. We have already experienced a lot and are very inspired and motivated to give our best efforts to this City and the entire YSI program, here in Utrecht, and also in Ghana and Eastern Europe.

To keep you updated, we are excited to share our experiences here in this Blog!

Tot ziens! / See you!
YSI-Team 011

4 thoughts on “New Year. New Team. YSI 011

  1. WELCOME team Utrecht!!! i hope these 7 months for all of you proves to be the BEST in your whole lives. soak up each moment you have with each other and with that precious community of yours. i know i’ll be hearing amazing stories from you :]
    unleash your awsome selves!!


  2. Wish you guys all the best for this new year!!
    Helping others will help yourselves too in many ways 🙂
    look forward to reading updates on your ongoing projects both locally and internationally!!

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