WECF at Huis-houd-beurs Amsterdam.

17 February 2011
Stand “Een veilig nest” (= A safe nest) at the  Huis-houd-beurs (= Householding Fair, Biggest Fair in the Netherlands)
in RAI Amsterdam

WECF was promoting their project „Een veilig nest – Nesting Project“, raising awareness about taking care about children and setting up a good and safe environment and atmosphere for a newborn baby.

I was involved in preparing posters for the stand in advance. At the fair I helped 4 hours and my task was to invite people to workshops about these topics, promoting a little riddle about „Een veilig nest“ and giving out flyers about the project, all aimed to raise awareness about the importance about a consciously prepared environment for a new family member.

It was a great environment at the “Green Pavillion”,  and it was nice to see that on an fair like the huis-houd-beurs, that is basically aimed to inspire people to consume as much as possible, there was also a corner with sustainable ideas and foresight and makes people think.

~Elli, YSI 2011

WECF on the Huis-houd-beurs
WECF – Women in Europe for a Common Future is an international network of over 100 environmental, women’s and health organisations with projects in 40 countries and advocating globally for a healthy environment for all.

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