Workshop-day Ghana. Amsterdam.

Mrs. H. Brouwers, pedagoge and writer talking about the education system in Ghana

16 January 2011
We participated in an preparation-workshop getting

  • first information and further impressions on Ghana and
  • how the projects of CPYWD is developing in Ghana,
  • which work has been done in Ghana and
  • also about the previous works, especially by the YSI teams since 2007.


  • about cultural differences, being just people’s different perceptions how to deal with 5 challenges in life: biological needs, religion, kinship/relatives, in/visible social differences, social charity, aid and globalization,
  • about the education system in Ghana and
  • cultural tips about Ghana

were incredible valueable and appreciated by the whole team.

In the end there was time for discussion groups, talking about our personal point of view on Ghana and our expectations and motivation to go to Ghana. We concluded with a little team competition, that helped us to understand team-structures better.

I think most touching were the experiences and gained knowledge about developing countries, our lectureres could offer to us.
The lecturers were:
Maartje Bos, manager of CPYWD in the Netherlands
Mrs. J. Berends, professor at Hogeschool/University Utrecht
Mr. R. Engers, sociologist
Barima Kofi, Ghanaian Guest
Mr. T. Cappon
Mrs. H. Brouwers, pedagoge and writer

During this day, many of us could develop a further passion for our project in Ghana and we are deeply motivated to offer all our skills and talents.

All of the YSI-members are really grateful for being able to get such a professional preparation set up by CPYWD (represented by Maartje Bos) and Stichting Janusz Korczak.

~Elli, YSI 2011

YSI has been the official european representative of CPYWD since 2007.Patrick G., Christian Sullivan during the Team-Activity
Stichting Janusz Korczak

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