Artsy Children *2

Art Contest PART 2
Bredeschool Hart Van Noord

Team project #3

Last Tuesday was the chance for the kids in the lunchbreak-group from 10–13 years to show their drawing skills and creativity.

The question given by us was:
What do you think you can contribute to your neigborhood Kanaleneiland/ school to make it a more peaceful place?

All of them got really into the topic and many children had innovative ideas on how to develop their environment and make it more “vreedsam” (peaceful). That made the decision for the 3 best drawings really difficult for us.

Ashyn and Nevra. Congrats!

Raphaela, our winner. Gratulations! 😉

Today, Friday, we awarded the prizes to the 3 winners: Raphaela, Nevra and Ashyn. Especially those 3 were most original in their idea.

During the award ceremony we emphasized the potential of every child to become a peacemaker in their neighborhood by setting their ideas into practice.

Thanks to all the kids for taking part in the art contest and a big “Thank you” especially to the team of Saartje Kinderopvang for their admission and support to the project.

~YSI 2011


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