“Dasuba! Antere! Aninwula!”

We’ve returned from Ghana, inspired from the experiences we’ve shared and filled with fresh motivation for our upcoming projects in the Netherlands.

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all those that supported us (financially, morally) in going to Ghana for those few weeks. Each individual’s contribution made it possible for us to have an experience of a lifetime. We were most fortunate to be able to harvest the fruits of the investment of the last few years’ partnership of YSI with CPYWD (Community Partnership for Youth and Women Development).

We worked with CPYWD to complete the construction of the Discovery Center which began during last year’s YSI project, with the foundation of the center along with two summer huts forefront of the entrance. The end of our project resulted in concrete flooring, interior and exterior painting, and re-painting of the summer huts. We were able to see the finished result and take part in the handing over ceremony of (the key to) the Discovery Center, a stirring event commemorating the physically laborious and united collaboration of the villagers, CPYWD and YSI to complete the center.

We also worked with youth in after-school programs in the local villages with CPYWD facilitators, took part in a character education workshop, and then followed up by organizing our own discussion forums for youth and community leaders.

With the launching of CPYWD’s innovative bee-keeping project in Bimbilla, we helped with the setup of the launching ceremony and took part in the festivities.

We’ll each write a blog entry about our personal experiences in Ghana which will be posted over the upcoming days. In the meantime, we’re growing increasingly busy with or personal projects!


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