Workshop-day Ghana. Amsterdam.

Mrs. H. Brouwers, pedagoge and writer talking about the education system in Ghana

16 January 2011
We participated in an preparation-workshop getting

  • first information and further impressions on Ghana and
  • how the projects of CPYWD is developing in Ghana,
  • which work has been done in Ghana and
  • also about the previous works, especially by the YSI teams since 2007.


  • about cultural differences, being just people’s different perceptions how to deal with 5 challenges in life: biological needs, religion, kinship/relatives, in/visible social differences, social charity, aid and globalization,
  • about the education system in Ghana and
  • cultural tips about Ghana

were incredible valueable and appreciated by the whole team.

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WECF at Huis-houd-beurs Amsterdam.

17 February 2011
Stand “Een veilig nest” (= A safe nest) at the  Huis-houd-beurs (= Householding Fair, Biggest Fair in the Netherlands)
in RAI Amsterdam

WECF was promoting their project „Een veilig nest – Nesting Project“, raising awareness about taking care about children and setting up a good and safe environment and atmosphere for a newborn baby.

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Gelukkige Valentijnsdag!

Wholeheartedly working.

14th February
Bredeschool Hart Van Noord

Our first team project!!!

On valentines day we organised an activity for kids to make their parents valentines cards at our local primary school in Kanaleneiland!  It was a chance for them to express their appreciation for their parents through their artistic creativity.  It was incredible to see everyone getting involved; even the children that are usually more distracted and unsettled.

We were really happy to see that the children enjoyed the activity and we’re sure that their parents loved their amazing cards!

Thank you to all the staff members at Bredeschool Hart Van Noord who allowed this project to take place and who supported us!

~YSI 2011

Heart of the North.

5 February 2011
= “Hart van Noord”

Yuka, Hauke and Hana helped out at the elderly party “Goed nieuws voor 55+” at the local neighborhood centre.

We prepared and served food and drinks, got to know the elderly residents of the neighborhood better and generally helped the afternoon run as smoothly as possible!

Yuka: “I really liked the atmosphere there, being with the elderly people and seeing them enjoy the meal we prepared for them.”


radio head.

27 January 2011
Radio Station at the “Jongeren Cultuurhuiskanaleneiland

Yuka and I participated in a radio show that young girls in the community prepare and host every thursday.  The club was designed for children to practise speaking and listening skills and to also enhance their confidence through a fun medium.  This club also offers a skill that isn’t available to most children; giving them the opportunity to practise a new skill from a young age.

Sophie, enjoying herself

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New Year. New Team. YSI 011

This is us

Goede dag, leuk je te ontmoeten! / Hello, nice to meet you!

Dank u well / Thank you Utrecht and Kanaleneiland for this wonderful start to these 7 months of YSI. We have already experienced a lot and are very inspired and motivated to give our best efforts to this City and the entire YSI program, here in Utrecht, and also in Ghana and Eastern Europe.

To keep you updated, we are excited to share our experiences here in this Blog!

Tot ziens! / See you!
YSI-Team 011