Personal Projects

Here i would like to introduce the personal projects of the Utrecht team 2010!!!

Bit-by-bit this page will get more full with upcoming events and projects that we will initiate ourselves. Enjoy

Yemi Zonato

On the 29th June 2010, Yemi will initiate her own project bringing together the things that she loves. Photography and Family.

The project consists of a photography exhibition on the subject of family, accompanied by a meal  in collaboration with  Resto Van Harte.

Yemi has been using the past few months to take pictures of families and ask them three questions:

1. What does it mean for you to be a family?

2. Which is the nicest memory as a family?

3. What do you appreciate about your family?

The exhibition will show photographs from families in Ghana, Netherlands and elsewhere around the world, and Yemi will give  a presentation on the topic. Reservations can be made closer to the date with Resto Van Harte.


Patrick’s Personal Project


Tanya’s Personal Project


Preston’s Personal Project


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