Meet the teams!

Team Utrecht 2011

Team Utrecht 2011: Sophie, Hauke, Hana, Christian, Yuka, Elisabeth



Team Utrecht 2009/2010

Team Utrecht 2009/2010: Patrick, Chris, Yemi, Tanya, Stefan, Emi, Preston.

Zeke Pobanz (America, New Jersey), 18 years old

Zeke Pobanz

Preston Pfeiffer (Amerika, North Dakota), 19 years old

Preston Pfeiffer

Yemi Zonato (Italy), 20 years old

Yemi Zonato


Patrick German (Wales), 20 years old

Patrick German

Emi Giancaspro (Germany), 20 years old

Emi Giancaspro

Stefan Hutzfeld (Germany), 20 years old

Stefan Hutzfeld

Christoph Chandler (United Kindom), 19 years old

Chris Chandler

Tanya Selle (USA), 19 years old


7 thoughts on “Meet the teams!

  1. Hello, Team!
    This looks like a really good blog that you have started where the progress can be shown. You all look so lovely, and we are impressed with all you’ve done! Best wishes and prayers that you are able to come up with the best plan for the year. We trust in you always.
    Much love

  2. Hello team,

    Jan Buijze told me about you, so of course i’m visiting your website! If you’re still looking for some work in Kanaleneiland I have something for you: helping out with (problem)kids in Kanaleneiland Zuid (project opknappen buurthuis: look it up in the dictionary!).You can call me 06-22407812.

    Kind regards,
    Alex van der Vlist
    manager veiligheid Kanaleneiland
    gemeente Utrecht

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